Husband & Wife


Jonah & Renee White    

How It Started: White Tales Lodge

Jonah was raised by folks who truly believed in and lived the Native American way of Life. There were many nights Jonah would eat sleep as he lay awake in his dirt floored childhood home.

Learning the skill of Hunting became not only a sport to Jonah, but mostly a way for him to go to sleep without hunger pains.

It began with a grey squirrel. After about 100 meals of grey squirrel, he went to turkey, then to coons, and finally to the deer!

Once Jonah became good with a riffle at about 13 years old, there was always deer stowed away to be eaten. Deer hunting became an obsession. Jonah's competitive nature lead him to wanting to be "King of the Illinois Woods," in his early twenties.

He would go out to the forest for days, even weeks, to live off of the land and prove his manhood to himself. One year he lived in the Calhoun Bluffs, purely off of the land, for 4 months. He wanted to be an animal. 

Outfitting for deer hunters started for Jonah once he built his log cabin mansion in 2003. Groups of hunters would come stay in his home, eat meals cooked by Hunny Buns (Jonah's Wife), and be escorted to their stands by Jonah.

For years this went on for the duration of hunting season every year. Until, the White Tales Lodge was founded. 

2006 was the year that the Lodge building was purchased. After major renovations, we began Outfitting at our new lodge and we never looked back. 

Now (about 15 years later) we are about to OPEN our Deer Processing portion of our Lodge! 

Stay Tuned, Come sit at our Campfire, and Lets Make More Hunting Memories!