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Hunting At White Tales Lodge

 Calhoun County, Illinois

Our Hunting Properties here at White Tales Lodge are now EXCLUSIVELY Outfitted through Illinois Trophy Bowhunters. Please Contact Steve Phelps, President of the Illinois Trophy Bowhunters, to request more information about Hunting Options and Openings. See Information Below..
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Located just South of Pike County, Calhoun County is a peninsula of rolling hills, orchards, cornfields, and river bottoms. Our White Tales Lodge and Hunting ground is nestled in the middle of the county in the town of Michael. Our Lodge is Privately-owned, secluded on a country road, provides chef cooked suppers, Deer Meat Processing as well as Taxidermy Services, and Hunting license and tag sales.
White Tales Lodge night sign

 Wild Game Processing


Inside the Smoker

Inside the Smoker

We Keep Meat Labeled with the Tags


Back Up Here to Drop off Deer

Drop off Station
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